The southern empire of Men. It is a vast and powerful empire, but culturally very diverse. This makes Al-Shekem prone to internal squabbles and frequent power struggles. The dominant entity is the Caliphate of Shekem, however the numerous tribes of the Alshar Desert could pose a serious challenge to the Caliph’s authority if they were ever to unite. The major religious movement revolves around ancestor-worship and reverence for the dead, but there are also numerous small sects devoted to mysticism and gnosticism. Rumours (spread mostly among Pacedonians) say that the true power behind the Caliph is a cabal of evil necromancers.
Cultural Touchstone: Amalgamation of Bedouin, Ancient Egyptian, and Near-East.


The Capitol of Phar-Shekeim is in Trinidas, the “City of a Thousand Towers”. There the Caliph of Shekeim rules from the famous Palace of the Sphinx. Trinidas is also home to the Glass Lighthouse of the Selicari, one of the greatest of the Selicari Wayshrines.

Other notable Settlements include:

The Oasis of Paku in the Phar Desert

The city of Akdur Hem which sits astride the River Teshwin, the so-called “River of Gold”.

The Temple City of Gulken Sek, in the heart of the mountainous Agistan, home of the Agis people.


Khezal Gim in the Colonial Lands.


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