Elven Pantheon

There are a number of elven gods.

The Elven Gods:
Téssalian the Golden (LG) The primary god of the Alfaen – the leader of their pantheon, and one of the strongest gods is Tessalian the Golden. He stands for Alfaen law and the power of magic.
Religion Name –
Relationships with other Religions – Believes that the human god Veritas is merely a reflection of Téssalian, so treat the human (Truthsayers) religion with tolerance and respect (tainted with patronisation/condescension)
Churches – An elven built structure in Pacedon, otherwise most
Tenent –
Rituals -

Esstélla, “the Starbinder” (CG) Tessalian’s wife, goddess of travel and exploration, sea travel etc… (very popular amongst the Alfaen)
Religion Name – Wayfarers
Relationships with other Religions – Tolerant of all.
Churches – Some light houses, and shrines on docks.
Tenent – The gods gave us everything we need to navigate and travel the world – so we should.
Rituals – Prayers before setting sail. Thanks upon arriving.

The Starbinder is known and revered by elf and human alike – especially amongst the sea faring.

Láude (NN) – God of wild places and Nature. (very popular amongst the Undrean)
Religion Name –
Relationships with other Religions – .Intolerant of most, but as mostly pacafists, that intolerance doesn’t translate to much.
Churches – Some natural looking shrines in the wilderness, special groves. There is one special grove in Pacedon in the Undrean embassy.
Tenent – Nature is to be respected.
Rituals – None beyond murmured prayers when planting, or when killing meat for food etc.

Elansten (NG) – God of love, music, poetry etc
Religion Name –
Relationships with other Religions – .Tolerant of all
Churches –
Tenent –
Rituals -

Elven Pantheon

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