Creation Myth

The Creation Myth

The Gods created the world in five days.

  • On the first day, the gods drew magic from the chaos and worked together to split the raw chaos into the elements, forming the lands, the sea, the air and the fires below.
  • On the second day, they worked even greater magic, draining the magic from other parts of the universe to bring forth plant life, and greenery covered the earth and sea and even floated in the air.
  • On the third day, the gods drew power from other planes, and used it to create animals and insects and fish and all sorts of other beasts, to feed on the plants and each other in a complex cycle that would be called Nature.
  • On the fourth day, the gods drew power from themselves, to give sentience to their favourite creatures so that their creatures could worship the gods that had created them.
  • On the fifth day, weakened from their labours, the gods argued over the imbalances that had occurred between their favourite creatures. Strife and anguish were created – and have never left us..

Although almost all sentient races have a similar version to the above creation myth, none of them can actually agree as to how long ago it happened, and none have any reasonable explanations about things like the other planes – the Abyss, the Astral plane, the Nine Hells, Elysion, or any such strange demi-planes like the Shadow or Fey realms. The races vary in their interpretations on exactly who was responsible for which parts of the creation – the elves believing it was just the Elven pantheon at work, and similarly with the dwarves.

The Al Shekeim nation, worshipping Odin alone, believe that he created the world alone and that the other gods were merely devils, albeit some misguided ones, in disguise.

Creation Myth

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