Across the Bay of Undra, east of Al-Shekeim, are the dense jungles and forests of the Wood Elves. Once a colony of Alfaen, these Elves have broken away from the mother-culture to embrace a profound mysticism and an extreme form of nature-worship. They are an inward-looking people, and somewhat isolationist.
Cultural Touchstone: nature-worship with an Asian/East Indian influence.


Little is knows about the interior of Undra, which is lost in trackless jungle and forest, although tales speak of an entire Elven city which is nestled in the branches of a single, monstrously enormous tree.

At least two settlements are known to outsiders and traders who dare to visit this mysterious land: The temples of Mumasti in the northern hills and Balahore on the southern coast of the Bay of Undra. The Undran temples are ancient stone structures, resplendent with intricate carvings and clothed in vines and greenery.

There are obscure rumors of a hidden temple somewhere deep in the jungles of Undra that contains a point of access to the Akashic Record.


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