Storm of Shadows

Session Three

In which the party encounter some kobolds and have a disturbed night, during which Slarti nearly drowns in a swamp.

The sneaky followers turned out to be a group of six kobolds, small critters distantly related to dragons. Surprised by the party turning around to hunt them they unleashed a volley of sling stones. Slarti burns two of them, Katerina guts one from the shadows, Kurell hacks two apart with his hand axe, and the last is scared by a spell from Tregarin and flees off into the undergrowth.

Healing the minor wounds they’d received from the kobolds, the group continue on, reaching a tiny rivulet that crosses the path. Deciding to head up stream, the group reach a large lake as night is falling. A mist seeps in off the lake, and they decide to make camp a short way away from the marshy area around where the rivulet drains from the lake. During the first watch, Kurell hears a distant screech, and then later the sound of someone trying to creep towards the camp, and wakes Katerina. Peering into the darkness, neither of them can see anything however, and so decide to wake Tregarin instead, who casts a light spell onto a stone and hurls it towards the sound. The forest is illuminated for ten minutes, but nothing is seen, though there is the noise of someone heading away. They decide to light a fire and by the time it is lit, Slartbartfast is also awaken by the noise. Katerina arms Kurell with a flask of oil in case she needs to create a fire in the woods.

The party start to go back to sleep, but a little later, Kurell hears someone creeping back again towards the camp and this time muffled voices can be heard. This time Katerina slips into the shadows and Kurell hurls the flask of oil, and the party are again all awake as Slarti tries to understand what they are saying, convinced that the language sounds like Draconic, but can’t quite hear well enough to understand what is being said.

The party go back to sleep, and eventually Kurell ends his watch. Looking for Katerina, he can’t see her, and hands over to Tregarin instead, telling him that the halfling is missing, last seen slipping into the shadows much earlier.

During Tregarin’s watch, a sudden cry from a few hundred feet away sounds, turning into the crying and sobbing of a young child in pain – being tortured perhaps. Tregarin wakes Slarti and the two of them decide, after kicking Kurell awake and having a rummage through Katerina’s equipment, to go and see if the noise of the crying child was in fact Katerina or someone completely different. Heading towards the noise, Slartibartfast suddenly finds himself in the middle of a bog and sinking fast. Tregarin manages to throw him a rope, having been foresighted enough to have brought his entire pack with him, and manages to drag him out. Casting a spell of detect magic, Slarti deduces that the noise was probably illusionary and as such returns to camp, muttering something about will-o-wisps and dripping mud.

After a quick wash in the rivulet, a cold and tired Slartibartfast eventually returns to his bedroll. Not a restful night.

In the morning, the mist has cleared over the lake and the party can see a ruined tower on the far side of the lake – probably over a mile away. The lake stretches away to each side however, and it looks like it will be a fairly long walk around the edge.

The party will start the next session with DC15 FORT saves else be fatigued from the disturbed night.



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