Storm of Shadows

Session One

In which the adventurers meet and agree to do a survey. Some investigating of a graveyard also takes place.

Session One was supposed to be recorded, but for some reason, the recording failed :-(

Summary: Game Date: 1st September 1901 (Dwarven Reckoning)
The elf Tregarin had been in the town of Alinsport for a few days already, having arrived from Pacedonia delivering a message to Lord Enfield. As a respected Selacari priest, he had been invited to stay a few days to attend the wedding of Lord Enfield’s daughter and had agreed.

Three days before the wedding, a barge arrived from down-river, bringing with it three newcomers to the town.

The gnome sorcerer Slartibartfast, on his last errand for his master Galen, was escorting a shipment of four barrels of (mildly) enchanted ale, which he was under instruction to deliver to the Alinsport wine merchant.

The halfling ‘entertainer’, Katerina d’Silva, looking for excitement and escape from her past.

The human warrior Kurell Strongarm, fed up of life in the Island Kingdoms and looking for adventure away from the ocean.

By chance (aka DM manipulation :-), the group found themselves all arriving at the wine merchant’s premises at the same time. Kurell was there to look at the Job Board that advertised various jobs there. Tregarin was there to purchase a bottle of good wine to provide as a token gift at the wedding. Katerina, having met Slarti down at the docks and persuaded him to allow her to help transport his enchanted ale with the help of her pony, were making good on the delivery.

Overhearing Kurell talking to the wine merchant about some of the jobs available, the other three decided to join him to investigate the opportunities further. The first posting was asking for a survey team – to be hired by Lord Birgen, a newly arrived lord from the Old Country (Pacedonia). A meeting was hastily arranged via a street runner, and about an hour later, the group were in front of Lord Birgen and his host, Lord Enfield. A sum of 50 gold imperials each was offered, along with a weeks worth of rations, parchment, ink and quills for doing the survey. Lord Birgen passed across a copy of his Land Grant for the party to have a look at, which defined the area they would need to survey.

Katherine manages to bluff Lord Enfield into believing that she is part of the entertainment he had hired for the forthcoming wedding, and the group agree to start the survey the day after the wedding.

Leaving Lord Enfield’s estate, the group go the the town Garrison, to see the Captain about the second “job” that caught their eye from the notice board – investigating into the recent “incidents” in the graveyard, which they had already managed to determine was something to do with body-snatching. Slarti is goaded by Katerina into making up a story, which quickly starts to get out of hand. Tregaron can only look on in disbelief as the Captain is initially taken in by the gnome’s web of fiction. Finally, Katerina and Slarti reign in their imagination and leaving a disgruntled Captain behind them, they rapidly exit the Garrison before he can arrest them for wasting Police time.

Heading out of town with the afternoon rapidly drawing to a close, they decide to check out the community’s graveyard themselves. Sure enough, they find twenty or so empty dug up graves in the graveyard, and start to search for other clues. Slarti lives up to the his stereotype by using ghost sound to play a minor practical joke, angering the warrior Kurell, who stalks off outside the graveyard, followed by Katerina, only to find tracks on the far side of it that hint of perhaps a cart having been used to carry the bodies.

Tregaron, deciding that his comfortable room at Lord Enfield’s estate was a better place to stay the night, takes his leave, and the other three decide to camp out instead, getting a restless night in the open.



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