Storm of Shadows

Session Four

In which the party are ambushed by Kobolds, find the remains of the missing merchant, and have another disturbed night.

Waking tired, the group decide to simply spend the morning resting to catch up on their disturbed sleep. Finally, just after midday, they decide to continue, feeling fully rested at last. Deciding to head towards the only man-made landmark they’ve seen so far – a stone tower situated on the far side of the lake, about a mile as the crow flies, they decide to head left around the lake . Almost immediately, it becomes clear that it is going to take a fair to make the journey, as the shore of the lake is anything but smooth, surrounded by boggy areas and various rivulets and gullies that require them to back-track into the woods further to get around, adding considerably to their journey. Nearer the end of the afternoon, on one such side-trek to avoid a particularly overgrown area, Kurell is surprised as he steps into a noose trap, that with a sudden twang of a nearby tree, launches him into the air, to dangle by his foot.

As if this was a sign, the bushes suddenly burst into life and the party are surrounded by a group of kobolds. Unsurprised by this turn of events, Slarti fires of a magic missile, the bolt slamming into one of the five that rush up to thrust their spears at the dangling Kurell. Two charge at Slarti, three at Tregarin and their leader, dressed in coin studded armour and wielding a flail, tackles Katerina.

Kurrell struggles, but can’t free himself from the noose trap, so risking life and limb, Slarti casts a spell of fire, burning four of the kobolds around Kurell, but also burning through the vine that trapping the warrior. Scorched and bruised from the fall on his head, Kurell starts to methodically take out the kobolds, with dagger and hand-axe.

As Tregarin is first stabbed and then grappled, Katerina tries to run and hide from the kobold leader, but he keeps a close eye on the bouncy halfling, and chases after her. Even as she tumbles around, trying to avoid being hit by the muscled kobold, she manages to help Slarti out by taking out one of the two goblins trying to take the gnome down.

As Kurell finishes off the last of his opponents, Slarti makes a point of burning his second party member for the day as he steps forward to burn the three kobolds on Tregarin. The one grappling Tregarin is killed as the elf slams his flail into its face, the other two scorched ones turn on Slarti, one of them laying the gnome low with a spear to his gut. The other one, realising all but his leader were dead, turns and flees into the woods, following after another one who had fled slightly earlier. Within a few moments Kurell takes out the kobold leader and the battle is done.

Calling on the Starbinder, Tregarin summons forth a surge of healing power for a second time, and Slarti comes around. Looking around, the party realise that the two ponies had run off into the woods at the start of the combat, and Katerina heads off to find them. The others ransack the body of the kobold leader, finding a fairly ornate ring on it as well as a roughly made dagger made of some sort of shiny metal. Deciding to follow after Katerina, they eventually hear the sound of am epic sword fight (well, lots and lots of misses) in the distance and break into a run. By the time they get there however, they find Katerina lying close to death in the middle of what must have been the kobold camp, her opponent having fled at the sound of their approach – taking one of the ponies with it. A tent, made from what once must have been a gentleman’s cloak, held down with tent pegs made from a broken rapier, contains a small box that reveals various papers, the still readable ones including a letter of reference, a recruitment poster for Blackwall Station, a trade agreement and a hand written letter that makes little sense.

With Katerina revived, albeit still barely conscious, they head in search of the lost pony, eventually catching up with the sole remaining kobold who is killed by a magic missile from Slarti before he even realised the party had caught up with him.

With the woods now virtually, dark, the group make camp, deciding to give most of the watching duty to Kurell.

The first half of the night is disturbed as Kurell spots a glimmer of light, then something crashes through the undergrowth towards the party, before stopping and growling ominously. Slarti and Tregarin are awoken as Kurell screams out a challenge to whatever was growling from the bushes, and the thing, whatever it is, seems to slink away. Slarti detects some faint magic moving away, and grumbling, goes back to bed.

Again, and three more times, Kurell is disturbed by the sound of something crashing through the undergrowth towards the party, and a couple of times, he chucks lit torches in the direction of the noise, only to have it fade. Finally, it happens again, this time from a slightly different direction. Kurell, standing off to one side, is surprised as this time the noise is not illusionary, and a wild boar crashes wildly into the camp, trampling poor Tregarin in his tent. Felling the boar with a couple of chops from his axe, Tregarin heals himself a little, and, having repaired his tent as best he can, goes back to sleep. Kurell, entertaining himself by butchering the boar, watches for the rest of the night.

XP gained since the game started:
Kobold Leader 500
16 x kobolds: 1600
1 boar: 600
Pit Trap, 400
Arrow Trap, 400
2 x giant centipedes
Role playing in first couple of sessions: 1100
TOTAL: 5000
= 1250 each



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